Why use a Broker?

Whether it's business insurance, life insurance, or tradesman insurance, insurance brokers provide advice and assistance to make sure you are properly protected.

Insurance brokers have access to a lot of different policies because they deal with a range of insurance companies.A good broker will be aware of the benefits, exclusions, and costs of competing policies on the market. They will also help arrange and place the cover and can often provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget.

Using a broker doesn't necessarily cost more, often it costs less because brokers have knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. A broker will also explain your policy and any special situations you need to watch out for. Furthermore, a broker is obliged to advise you of fees charged for services provided to you.

Why use Brokers National?


We are flexible and approachable and at all times we endeavor to meet the needs of the client in respect of specific products and associated services.


Whether it's commercial, trade, life or personal our brokers can source quality products from a broad, flexible range.


Brokers National discusses your insurance needs and assists clients in having a better understanding of the security provided by various insurance products.


Brokers National meets all licensing requirements and generates its strength from its professional staff and its membership of the National Insurance Brokers Association, and the Steadfast Group.


Our staff have a comprehensive, current knowledge of the insurance market. All our staff are qualified and meet the licensing requirements of The Financial Services Reform Act Policy Statements


As an introduction for a Commercial insurance quotation Brokers National staff will need to find out more about the business you are in, the ownership, its growth and profitability, the associated risks, your risk management procedures, and past claims experience. Once we have a picture of your business, we can discuss your insurance needs.


Trust is essential between the broker and customer as we are there to protect your best interest and assess your insurance needs. Brokers National operates to a code of practice to ensure that the relationship with our customers is trusting and a lasting one.


Brokers National will do the "shopping' for you, looking for the cover that's ideally suited to your needs. We recommend to you insurers based on their individual strengths and skills to ensure you receive the right protection at a competitive premium.