Business Interruption Insurance

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business Interruption insurance is a crucial component of any cafe insurance policy, as it covers the loss of income and the addition increased costs of working which results from the interruption of your business. Business interruption is triggered by insured perils that are covered under the Property Damage cover of a business insurance policy.

Business Interruption Indemnity Periods

It is very important for your cafe that your choose the correct indemnity period for your business. Get it wrong and your business's chances of survival following a major incident may be drastically reduced.  Indemnity periods start from 6 months to 36 months.

  • How long it will take to reinstate/rebuild the property you are operating from?
  • What would your customers do if you were unable to supply them? How long will it take to replace them?

Business Interruption Insurance Additional Benefits​

Some of the standard additional benefits under a business interruption insurance policy consist of:

  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Loss of attraction
  • Damage to Roads, Bridges and Railway lines
  • Damage to Utilities

Business Interruption insurance can be a complex insurance cover and its best to speak to a qualified broker to get the right advice. Call us on (03)9791 6688.