Theft Insurance 

Theft is always a present threat in even the most secured cafe or restaurant business. Instead of waiting for it to happen in order to take measures, make sure you implement theft insurance to cover your cafe insurance policy. 

If you decide to insure for theft, then an insurer will require a reasonable minimum level of security​.  In order to gain any theft cover, the insured needs to have at least deadlocks on all doors. The higher the theft sums insured required, the higher the security measures the insurer will require such as implementing monitored alarms, bollards or roller shutters.

Theft Cover Additional Benefits

Some of the standard additional benefits under theft section of a business insurance policy usually consist of:​

  • Directors and employees tools of trade and personal effects
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Replacement of locks and keys
  • Rewriting of documents
  • Temporary cover for new premises
  • Theft of external property
  • Theft without forcible and violent entry

For more information or would like specialist insurance advice regarding theft/burglary insurance for your cafe operation, speak to a broker on (03) 9791 6688.